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This is how it all started…

It all started growing up in the heart of internet — Ashburn, Virginia. At a young age, I got so much exposure to the Datacenter and Internet World as early as 2006. I’ve been a network operator since 2011 (AS54098) and currently work as a Customer Engineer at Google Cloud helping enterprises architect their solutions in the cloud! I also serve as one of the leads for the Google PRIDE ERG for the National Capital Region.

Going from On-Prem Data Centers to AWS, and now Google Cloud, has been an exciting adventure. I have vast experience with a collection of hardware, software, and hypervisors. I’ve worked with several providers, whether it’s Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode (now Akamai), Deft, Fastly, Equinix, NTT, Hurricane Electric, or CloudFlare. In the Server Hardware world, I’ve worked with a lot of HP Enterprise, Dell, and SuperMicro rack-mount and blade servers/enclosures. VMware, Kentik, Proxmox, VirtFusion, SolusVM, RunCloud, Hostbill, cPanel, WHMCS, LibreNMS, Observium, Cacti, Netbox.Dev, VyOS, Device42, Cisco, BGP, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, NGINX, OPNSense, pfSense — I’ve done some of that too.

I live and work in Washington, D.C. Feel free to check out my website and contact me through that page if you want to talk!

Adam Blackington

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